We, a group of Python coaches, would like to spread the joy of programming with Python. So we decided to give programming introductions as well as workshops on niche topics. We've run the Python for beginners workshop in different cities and venues successfully, and have a set of different curricula prepared for your local OpenTechSchool chapter, or for home learning.

Python for beginners

If you are interested in learning the basic concepts of programming, you will love our Introduction to programming with Python.


This workshop usually consist of two parts: a Friday evening and a Saturday afternoon.

Friday evening

We organise a little get-together and install party. If you don't have Python on your laptop just yet, bring it by and we install it together. It is not mandatory to come to this meeting but it also gives you the chance to get to know the coaches as well as other participants in a relaxed and casual environment upfront.

Satuday afternoon

On Saturday afternoon we gather together to get our hands dirty. We'll start with a quick introduction by one of the coaches, who's also taking you through what we want to do that afternoon and then head right into hacking our first little scripts and programs using the awesome turtle in python.


Ever wanted to learn how websites work or wanted to build one yourself? Or maybe you have played around with some HTML but wonder how to get it to actually do something? Now is the time to start with our Websites with Python Flask workshop. We take you through creating a basic interactive website using Flask, a very popular choice for websites created using the Python programming language.


Reverse transcribing RNA to DNA, counting point mutations, translating RNA to proteins. Sounds interesting? Or are you maybe a biologist who would like to perform these or more complex tasks? In this workshop on biological data, you can make your first steps with the BioPython library. You can learn how to handle biological sequences with Python and then work on the Rosalind challenges.

Data Processing with Python

In this workshop we take you through the fundamentals of working with text and other types of data with Python. Reading files, understanding data structures in Python and plotting data using the IPython Notebook.

Facebook Search Client

Interested in learning about how to read data from the biggest Social Network created so far? The Facebook Search client workshop will show you, how to make requests via HTTP to the Facebook Search API (Application Programmable Interface), read and understand the data they deliver.

Django WebApp workshop

Websites are no longer just more or less dynamic web sites, they also are frontend of many great service app - so called WebApps. The Django WebApp workshop takes you through setting up Django, the very popular Python WebApp-Framework, and shows you how to create your first own bookmark management tool.

Scripting the MP3 Library with Python (incomplete)

This workshop introduces Python as a scripting language. Scripting in here is referred to as small tasks, often used for system administration and filesystem organisation, which do not really require a full blown program but just some little script to automate tasks. In this particular case we work on organsing MP3 files depending on their embedded tags.

Object-oriented programming in Python (incomplete)

In the past exercises we have seen how to interact with turtle. Sadly, we've been limited to one single, pre-defined turtle. Wouldn't it be great if we could have many of them, or change their very core behaviour? See this workshop for details.

About OpenTechSchool

OpenTechSchool is a community initiative to provide programming and other tech-related workshops to women and their friends. We take care of the organizational side of things (venues, press, finding participants) and let our volunteer coaches to create the curriculum according to their vision. Our main goal is to create a friendly and safe learning environment where no one feels shy about asking any question. Everyone, no matter what their gender, skill level or experience, is invited to participate, whether as a coach or a learner. OTS is an idea we would be very happy to see spread across the globe!

If you want to know more about OTS, check out our Website, our Blog and most importantly; join our mailing list.